How to load .php, .css file in app

I want to know is there any way that I can use my .php file in app without uploading it to my website.
Something like any custom webview that loads my html, php , css file

I have a script that takes yt url as input and loads video without the title, logo etc.
Now I want to load that yt url to load the video in app (without youtube info ,ie. logo , subscribe on pause etc)

Thank you in advance

Not sure about this

but you can have a look at custom webview

There is an feature called

  • Load local files and content using Html and Js
  • Evaluate Js and get result

you can use the inbuilt youtube video player it will not show subscribe button and the other stuff , it will just show the video

i am not too sure about it

It shows the title and other vid stuff when we pause the vid…(However we cannnot click it, but its still visible)

oh I didn’t knew about it

just wanted to know what your code exactly does

if its a kind of website then you can host your website on and load your website in webview

It takes yt url as GET Input and loads the embedded YouTube video and then the JavaScript just deletes the title, logo , more videos etc…
So that I get only the YT Video with controls (speed, quality, etc…)

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I do have a website, but It offers limited bandwidth…
So increased users will crash the website

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you can host your website on github i think then there will be no issue

I will try it…
Thank You

you can take help from this video to

No, you can’t.

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Thank you so much… :heart_eyes:

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