How to load the images efficiently from the database?


I’m fetching images from a database (firebase) but the images are high quality. Hence when I load the images, the app starts to feel laggy when scrolling.

How do I reduce the size of the image, when the image is initially displayed and when the user clicks on the image, fetch a real high quality one.

afaik you need 2 different images, a smaller one to display initially and a high quality image later


Use image utility to load ur images like this

blocks - 2020-12-05T063917.699

or Use this extension

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Is there a guide or any link you can point out, so that I can learn more about this system.

I’ve tried finding something similar to it, had no luck so far.

I’m already using the asynchronous loading method, but the problem is the images are high quality and it takes too long to load, even with asynchronous loading.

Asynchronous loading does not speed up the loading time. It just loads the image asynchronously so that the user will not experience any lag.