How to login through google or facebook through WebView component?

I have created one website and want to show this web site through my app. It is designed responsively. Now problem is that when I want to log in any user through google or facebook, it is not getting the email address automatically. User needs to type their id and password. how can the app automatically pick up email id ??



not understand.

It means that u have to create one Google authentication panel, sign up panel before going to your page

Sorry for late reply. I have Facebook/google login portal for web site. But when I link my website address to app and trying to login from webview components, it’s not working.

i have same issue, im tryin to use facebook comments box , in companion when you tap on login button webviewer goes to login page, but in installed app when you tap on login button webviewer doesnt work. any help ?

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I have the same problem

Hi there,

You might be able to solve this issue with WebViewTools Extension, for some reason I can’t link in replies to other threads but you can find it at thunkableblocks (dot) blogspot (dot) com/2017/06/webviewtools-extension-for-app-inventor.html

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