How to Make a app that sends number from one user to another and when it goes it adds up to the number portion?

I want to make an app which sends number that means just suppose user A sends 10 from his app to user B and also suppose user S has 100 number already in his app , when A sends it becomes 110 in B’s app and vice versa.

Where should i start , cant understand.
this way … this picture says the word.

shoud i use fire base or else another way???

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Yes , you must use firebase data base

When A send amount minus the amount from the original and save. And in the receiver user id point tag value add the sent amount with the existing amount and save into it. By using firbase data On changed block you can show it to all concern users

  1. When use selects the user id to whom he want to send, immediately get hus existing amount into a label.
  2. After entering amount in a box and clicked send button, do the maths operation and save the values into the respective user ids.
  3. So by using forbade data on changed block, once value updated, it will be reflected in the concern users app

so , how to create the user id recognition system in firebase?

When user signed in create a bucket in which you continue to add the user name or user id or email.

Once logged in get all the user list under this tag into a list view or anything you want

And the user can choose any one at a time from the drop down ir list view or spinner

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okay let me try this