How to make a back button in app

I am trying to make a back button option in my app.
How can I create this button .
I don’t have any idea
Please help

Use when screen back pressed…

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You are thinking wrong!
I am saying about a back button option in my app

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Meaning opening another screen , go back to a web page , be more specific

No, I am saying that when anyone press a button then press back button


Be more Clear.
Specify Breifly what you want to Do.

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Please show me your blocks cause I really do not understand what you want . You can use when any button click event or click button event


I Think You Want This


If this is the case another way is



Have you seen a back button app ?

will you tell us what that is.

What do you mean by back button app ?

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See this

You must have included this in the First Post.

And this is called Assistive Touch.
it not only carries a Back Button,
but many other functions too.


Yes , but how can I do

Can we do this in kodular

i am not Completely Sure.

But definitely i am Sure that i can’t Do :slightly_frowning_face:

Okay then I am going to creating a extension

Back button extension

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Ahh… Idea is Interesting

Best of luck, I will wait for this extension.