How to make a bottom navigation on clicks go to a specific link in the web viewer?

I wanna make a browser app where users can have 2 buttons on the bottom navigation and these 2 buttons aka ‘Home’ and ‘Finder’ want to go on 2 different link.‘Home’ want to go to my main homepage and ‘Finder’ to the /search.I’ve tried to make this with the Blocks editor but when I’ve tried it on my phone a blank app where showing.I also semi followed the docs.So I guess what I did is trash.

Can anybody help me with this?

Use if then else logic

When bottom navigation item selected
If get id =0
Web viewer to oprn url… Home
Web viewer to open url… Finder

Use the add item in screen initi block and not here

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I’ll try it but I’ve solved this by putting on my website of the mobile look 3 buttons up on top for home,finder and mails but thanks for this!