How to make a Dynamic Listview Using WebViewer - NO-JSON

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Again the same theme, but this time, without the need for JSON, which is why fewer blocks are used, and everything is developed in a cleaner way.

What I have done is send the data to the html file in CSV format, separated by commas and line breaks




line2 does not end in \n because it is the last data and there are no more lines after it. even so if you make a mistake and put a \n at the end, the code corrects that error.

The solution to not have to use JSON, I do it in the html file just look and study it.

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listview_NOJSON.aia (33,1 KB)

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you might want to test the project using the apk file on another device(!) to find out, that it does not work anymore…

the following tip might help…

Yes, you also can upload html files as assets into App Inventor! There is only one special thing to consider: During development, you have to use the development path to the embedded html document:

file:///mnt/sdcard/AppInventor/assets/<NAME OF YOUR HTML FILE>.html

Before packaging the app, use the production path.

file:///android_asset/<NAME OF YOUR HTML FILE>.html

alternatively use the PathToAssets method from the tools extension


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I just wanna know like i want to do Dynamic cards how where do i do that? cant seem to find how to change the list as it is now? please help

I’m unable to download aia file. I need this urgently.
Can anyone provide me another link of this same app??
Please reply or DM.
Thanks in advance

I just corrected the link, check it now

wow! thanks its working