How to make a Image preview like playstore

Please can anyone tell me how to make a image preview whenever we click on image than it sould be open like preview like playstore

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yaa this type of i want whenever i click on image it open like big image dialog box

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On image click set desired image height and width to 100 Percent and invisible all items.

how to do that please tell me in details

Add one image component with full height and width and make it if you click that small image then it will invisible all arrangements and visible that full image component

You can do this like this with Alpha Dialogs Extension

Aia: ImagePreview.aia (28.1 KB)

Apk: ImagePreview.apk (5.4 MB)


Thank you @Raja_HarshVardhanSolanki for helping my problem thank a lot

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Yo can use custom list view extension

Hey @Raja_HarshVardhanSolanki can you give me this alpha extension

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Thank you @AtharvaPawar

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