How to make a loading screen

I’ve an app where there are many Arrangements (to avoid changing screens), and lots of components inside each Arrangement, so it takes a couple of seconds loading in a black screen with the app’s title above.
So my question is: Can I have a custom loading screen? (an image or a loading message).

Thanks in advance.

Put an image as a background in the Screen1.

There’s actually a background image, but it still showing a black image.

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Hello, your question is very general after all, I’ll try to answer it with different views as possible.
First thing just as @Peter had noted it out add a splash screen, If you have done so, Kodular unlike many builders has several progress loading components you can use one of them and customize it the way you like it.
If you need more advanced loading you could use lottie component to load the skeleton of your app content.