How to make a online private bar graph for each user of the application?

Hi everyone, please can anyone help me? as the title indicates, I want to make an online database that returns a bar graph with the data of each user of the application, for example for an application where a user wants to review their one-month exercise performance and This data is stored in the cloud and he can check it in the form of a graph.


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If you want to use a database the topic is in the right place. Problem is, most users post in discus even if they should post in the right category.

The question you have is really big. If you want to translate that into design and blocks it will take a lot of time. Start small and when you have a question, show what you have tried and we can help you from there.

Thanks for your answer, I have the application finished, I just need to know how to use that service, if it exists, could you help me with just a small example, eg. 3 data stored in the cloud and that returns a graph to the application.


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You know you can‘t store a graph, you can store only the values for the graph in the database… and if you get the values from the database (maybe from Firebase/spreadsheet/…) You have to show them as you want.

There are some nice chart extensions you can use. Just search for them in the community or try google search :+1:t4:

We can help you more if we know what you have done and see some screenshots


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Here is a nice extension from @CarlosPedroza27

Circular Progress Extension (Preview)

Or @Taifun‘s example:

You can also try to create something with the DynamicComponents extension from @yusufcihan:

You can also search here for other extensions:


I reformulate my question, I know that there exists google sheet and air table and I can make a single user send and receive data from these systems and convert it to graphics, but, there is some way that each user has access to their own private table, in such a way to be able to publish the application in google play?

See here for the same request to our (experienced) extension creators:

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