Suggestions / request for useful (much needed) extensions

Probably these extensions are not quite simple, and are aimed at experienced extension creators.

Two suggestions for new extensions:

  1. An audio player that masters seamless (gapless) looping and that also works in the background (ie when the device is in sleep / idle mode or when the current screen is not visible after pressing the device home button). Ideally, the player should also be capable of streaming.

    Note: The Player component does not loop seamlessly since Android 6. The TaifunPlayer does not loop gaplessly on specific Chinese devices (OnePlus, Xiaomi, …) anymore. (Finally I found the reason for this: these manufacturers fade out audio tracks with a length ≥ 30000ms for 165ms, which creates the gap.)
    The ExoPlayer component in Kodular does not work in the background on some popular devices (with the old Android Support Library; an update to the AndroidX library is NOT planned).

  2. A statistics extension that records the usage of an app. On which day, period (week, month, year) which exercise, function, game etc. was carried out for how long and how often. Best of all with a graphical processing (diagrams).

These extensions also address all AI clones, especially Kodular.

Of course, I’m willing to pay for it.


Are you saying about Analytics?


Something like this:


Use flurry analytics…
Search on community…

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Thanks for the tip, I obviously searched for other terms.

Did you get Solution?

I’m still not sure if I can achieve what I’m want to do. I want to record, analyze and graphically show the duration, frequency, etc. of individual exercises in my apps.

For example, if I have 20 exercises in an app, I would like to know which exercise was used when, how long and how often in which period (year, month, week) and then graphically prepare this data. I also want to collect this data locally and not online, so it is only accessible to the user.

Note: All of my apps do not require any permissions or an internet connection to use the apps. Internet is only required to access special websites or to send mails.



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Thanks, I know this.