How to make a popup for users to select a value and how to store it so that they dont have to enter it again

Hello everyone,
I want to show a popup to users from which they can select a value like their country and accordingly I will show to them the screen. like different screen for India, Different for USA.
and once user selects the value it shall be stored in database such that popup is not shown again and that country specific screen is shown by default.

What did I try?
Well I have been trying to figure this out since a long time. But could not figure a way out.

What is the source of the pop up data?
A list ?
Did you try, remove this item by the index and save it in the database?

Hey there

This is an easy task, you can do it this way

On initialize check the value of a specific tag, say country in your tiny db

If it has a value then just open the screen corresponding to value, if it dosnt have one then just open the popup, you can use layout dialogue extension by @Jerin_Jacob for it.

On select just save value to the tag.

It should work

can you share the link of layout dialogue extention?