How to make a price option

Hello. I am making an order app. There are different options here. For example, the prices for the Tiktok package are 5$ for 1000 pieces and 3$ for 1000 pieces for Instagram. How can I price them separately? In other words, when the user searches for Instagram, the category is selected as Instagram and the number is written and the price is determined for this piece. How can I set them separately. Separate prices for Instagram and Telegram for Tiktok.

Put the prices in list, items in list picker

When user pickes the item use select list item list block and use multiple with number of items user requested (index place use selection index +1)

Can you please show an example block

i have tried with this tiny extension [Free] Popup Extension - An extension to create popup menu - Extensions - MIT App Inventor Community with single procedure (PS: set textbox to number only)

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You have stated here you are using Niotron to build this app. In future please do not spam this forum with questions about other builders even if it takes time to get an answer on their forum.

I hope other users who are going to help you are aware of this in future.

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