How to make a screen overshoot from the previous screen

How to make a screen overshoot from the previous screen, I know how to make a layout overshoot on another layout. But for the screen I have not found the discussion.

Try to use “virtual” screens and overshoot virtual screen’s layout

If you mean “virtual” screens with component Arrangement in the same screen, then that’s not what I meant

Back then when I was still using APPYBUILDER, I usually just edit using the Amerkasih’s ApptoMarket the manifest and added the booban script like this … android:theme="@style/Theme.BaasMenu" android:windowSoftInputMode=“stateHidden”>, but after Kodular I can no longer use ApptoMarket.

You could use apk editor instead. After changes see how to get aab in Edit or Modify the AAB file - change API 29 to 30 android 11

Alright, I’ll try, I’ll tell you later

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Are you sure that this will work to Kodular ? Now that I see android:theme="@style/Theme.BaasMenu" I think that this worked only in Appybuilder. Maybe @Boban might help

I don’t know, while I try your suggestion, I also hope that mr. boban give respond