How to make a simple Calculator

Learn how to make a calculator app for android using app Inventor, or MAKEROID .
+Note: I didn’tg make the tutorial with Makeroid but it can be followed with it, also the working file AIA, can be used to follo the tutorial. Soon I will be using Makeroid to make a tutorial .

Hello, today I will share with you how to make a simple calculator for app Inventor.
It is a basic calculator that makes only addition, what I like about this kind of project is that you have to think many things about the way a calculator works and you have to use lots of conditions and you have to be creative. In my opinion making a calculator in appinventor or appybuilder or thunkable helps you improve your coding skills.
Working file is in video’s description


Thank you :blush:
And congrats for that very nice tutorial :+1: