How to make a unique Music App

Hello All

After a lot of hard work and help from Vardan Maya Mahadeo, we have been able to build the app.
This is the first version of this app and it is working and has been uploaded to the Playstore, awaiting publication.
The Idea… Fans get to listen to the music for free, Artists earn from the adverts the fans can not download the music and musit have an internet connection to listen to the Music.

The app looks a little like this.

This is just the first version and the first app, I plan to make more of the same for other bands but with better design, this is the proof of concept app.

After much testing, it seems this is the best way to code this.

this works with the akp tested on a few devices but I will see how many once it is downloaded from play store, working on Android 8.

The best way to create an app with Kodular I have found is to find a partner as it is much easier to work out the bugs and problems with 2 brains on the job.

The design is Mine, and the code is 50/50 between me and Vardan
The design can be a lot better with better buttons and a few tweaks
As for the way It works, there is an upgrade that I would love to do in the future, have a skip on the player to skip to the next song.
Apart from that, I think this is not bad for the first music app like this.

A massive thank you to All the extension developes who have made this app possible.
And thank you Kodular for the platform to be able to build this app.
Especially Taifan Player

I am putting the code here so anyone else that want to make a similar app can do so.

Thank you.

Here is an Edit…
Here is the aia file without the advert codes or the Airtable API or Basecode.
I have included a screenshot of the Airtable spreadsheet to show how it is set up.
The mp3 files are streamed from Cloudinary

music_app_template.aia (1.9 MB)

Please do have a play with the aia file and build your own music app in a similar way.


It is a nice template for a music, I think you could add the design screenshots too because some people are not that good at it.

And if the idea is to share the revenue with the singers you forgot a very important part: Store how many plays each music have so each artist gets a fair amount of money.

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Thank you there is only 1 artist on this app
and thank you it is a good Idea but that can be sorted out on the AdMob side easy enough as well.
I will think about adding it to other music apps I build
I will add a template aia and design here later for people to have a play around with

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keep up the good work…

PS: which extensions did you use? please credit each extension developer separately according to their license. thank you

for example this is the license for my extensions:
This work by Pura Vida Apps is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License with attribution (name=Pura Vida Apps and link to the source site) required.


Hello Taifun
Well for a Start the Taifun Player and thank you.
Apart from that it was all just the extensions provided on the platform, although I did try many different extensions in the end the only extension used that was not already on the platfrom was your Player.

Thank you very much

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You are using the TaifunPlayer extension. What is the reason for that? You use mp3 files that are basically not loop-able. The TaifunPlayer extension is great, but is especially created for looping of loop-able audio tracks (only wav or ogg / not mp3). So why you don’t use the Player or ExoPlayer component?

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The Taifun player worked better than the exo player for this after loads of testing
Thank you

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What does that mean? I have been working with audio-based apps for several years and have some experience with it. Where are the problems with the ExoPlayer? So please be specific …

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I never said there was a problem with the ExoPlayer I said that after testing the the Taifun player worked better, at least for this project it did.
I am streaming from Cloudinary using Airtable when I was setting up the albums screen to send the music to the player on the player screen I could not get the exoplayer to work correctly as the pause would start the song over again not pause from the point of the song when paused and the player did not play sometimes and sometimes it did, the TaiFun Player worked perfectly so I went with that as it worked.
I just used what worked and what was easiest to complete this project.

Thank you

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I will check that with the ExoPlayer.
But why do not you use the Player component?

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Good morning
No specific reason, once the Taifun player worked I did not look or try anything else, If it works it works and there is no need to fix something that works so I just stayed with the Taifun player. It still works best for this app in my limited experience and testing. the main thing is that the app works as it should and the UX is good.
I have only been doing this for a year now and this is my First decent working app, it has taken a lot of frustration to get to this point but it is very satisfying to finally get a fully working app.
As I say this is virtually impossible to do by yourself when you are learning and it is much better to find a partner so you can both work on the code 2 brains are much better than 1 and you both learn from each other making it easier to learn.

Thank you

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Version 1.2 finally on the PlayStore

Changed the buttons buy using the Gradient extension from KIO4

i am new to kodular please help I downloaded your aia so i can play around and get to understand how it works. unfortunately i am getting this error :
cannot accept the arguments: , [ empty-string ], [3]"

I havent made any changes to your blocks, i just loaded the aia file.

Is this visualization working & how you create this

Hello ngomimuro2_0 Ngoni Murombedzi
Sorry for the long wait in replying I am not well
I think this might be due to there not being an Airtable API in the template
I could be wrong though as I am also a beginner.

It is working and on Playstore and in bad need of an update.
All the blocks are shown in the screenshots above and you can download the AIA file
I will try and do a tutorial at some stage.
Download the AIA and study the blocks, create an Airtable and I would suggest using OpenDrive to stream your files to your app via airtable.
Any questions DM me I will do my best to answer.

For Anyone wanting to try this app I will be posting an updated version AIA with login and Enhance co.enhance.aix extension and a few more upgrades.
I will also try and do a video tutorial to explain what I have done.

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