How to make a User System? (Example Viewing other Users Profile)

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How to make a User System / Roles, Example Viewing other Users Profile. If you View your Profile the Screen 1 Will appear and when you Click on Someone’s Profile it will show you another User Profile but with a layout of Screen 2

only for admin or for all users?

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All Users pls

You are storing all the users details in firebase or someother database?

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On Firebase Please

so in screen1 you add a button to view other users profile. when anyone click on it, make your app to retrieve all the user details from the fireDB into a global variable as a list and try to show first one in screen2. In screen two also make another one button names as NEXT. If user hit, next user profile to view

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Can you show a Blocks? I’m so Confused :grimacing:

show your fireDB structure?

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Oof I forgot I use the TinyDB for Users Login

tinyDB can be retrieved only by the same user…

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So I need to use Firebase?

Yes… You have to store all the users details in firebase so that it can be view by one and all with our blocks. TinyDB will store the details in the users mobile itself. Can i view stored details in your mobile from my mobile?

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Am on PC…

This is your, i guess, 5th topic where you post the same image. I guess your knowledge of Kodular is not sufficient at the moment to proceed with your project. it would be better if you first learn the basics and then continue with this project.


Nope its Different Images take look Yah my Knowledge in Kodular is not Sufficient that’s why I’m Asking a Question so that I can get an ideas.

Then you should start with some basic apps and not one like this. Looking at the questions other users are making the app for you.

I’m just asking on How because it looks Impossible look I "Store Value from Firebasedatabase, when I get Value from another Screen, I can’t put the Get Value to the “Set Name1 to” because its Not Compatible. I know the Basics too.

If you show what you have tried and error you got then , ppl will correct it.