How to make an Account System in Kodular?

Hello, I am pretty new here, I want to make an account system where all of a user’s doing will be recorded and stored into a database, example: I want wo make something like a youtube history, for now I’m only able to made login and signup only. Is there any way to make an account system? Thanks

Please search the forum as there are already topics about this kind of thing. Most questions have already been answered so it’s always a good idea to search the forum instead of spamming it.

Using firebase. First make a realtime database on firebase then insert the link in the firebase link. After that add textboxes, labels and button. Then code for them and use block store value and add value and tag

is it possible to use mysql database instead of firebase?, sorry for the late respone

I think so, though I haven’t used mysql

okay, thank you for the info