How to make an app like google keep?

How to make to do app like google keep?

What you have tried yet?

Nothing right now. It is beginning

So you should try first before asking , now one would give you a premade blocks / AIA :wink:

A notes app, use dynamic components and tiny db and you are ready to go for basic one.

How to apply feature like add check box list and when check box is checked it is converted in strikeout line on check box text it indicates that the to do work is done…

Do some research on the community. I think its gettable. But ofcourse you have to try it first

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I suggest you to start from basic like just creating a basic notes where, data is displayed and then gradually you can add different features.

Instead of a big chunk, break it down into pieces, then it will be easy to you as well.


You can use floating button