How to make an app store?


As far as i know @ADDYLIN don’t make Extensions.


Got wrong Info… From @Ekansh_Pandit :sweat_smile:

yes it is, but it is not as much powerful as firebase

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Asking for a direct solution will not work everytime. Just try something. You already got an hint :point_down:

Just work on this, search community for this. Apply the method of trial and error.
You will eventually reach the solution.


I just wanted to know how to make it…

Have a Look at this -

Now I have got enough ideas. I will start working now and tomorrow I will post the results I have got. Thanks,
@Vaibhav @themaayur @ADDYLIN


Seen that just now! :smiley: :blush:

Can anyone tell me is there any method or extension to show images in app with zoom function?
Since I don’t want to use deephost’s extensions…

Visit this site you will get this type of aia free of cost.

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AIA is paid :sweat_smile:
Edit: I got it thanks, I thought it is paid.

Well it does not have Image feature I guess.
I want a method through which I can show user few screenshots which can be zoomed also.

Hi Koders,
This is Kshitij. Is there any extension through which I can make custom dialogs (notifier) using card views? I have searched the community but couldn’t find any. Any help would be appreciated.

You have not searched we4ll there is already a guide about that

Let see this

I forgot about this. Will post when it is completed…

I know about that but I wanted an extension.

If blocks can do the job then why you need extension

My sugggestion if blocks can do then do not use extension

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I know but when I used this method then my app behaved strange the screen went black.
I was trying to fix that so thought of asking it in community as I can’t share the aia of my app that is why I also asked for an extension.

I have used this method several time but cant get any problem I think you have done anything wrong

You should check your blocks

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I needed a custom notifier for showing dialogs in my app and not as a notification.
Thanks for help…