How to make an Online Gallery

How can i make an online gallery somewhat shown in this tutorial

but the main problem am facing is that there it has shown in google sheets and i am using airtable spreadsheet and there is no get column list (column name) block available

So what i was wondering is there and alternate way by which i can create something like this i don’t want something like wallpaper apps want something where an image opens by default and i need to swipe for next.

Airtable,Firebase or Cloudinary any method if u know is appreciated!
Thanks in Advance

What you have tried share blocks

Get column is similar to airtable . Or you can also use google spreadsheet

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no what’s that?

but the get column list button is not there

No it doesn’t have the get column id block

get column is there, and in cloudsheet which suggested by @Hadi_Editz has that block, yout can use that extension

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this block is required and is not there in the extension

this is simliar to get column , works same, you have to try, this blovk is from thunkable not kodular , kodular has same block in spreadsheet get column, and after got column. try them

Avaliable in this extension you can use this

nope there is a different i need to connect this with this and it won’t connect with this


You can do this

Any ways i will back to you to understand you how to do this

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i tried few methods but was unable to do it can u plz show me how can i do it?

Wait I’m busy later i try my best to understand you.

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ok thanks in advance​:innocent::innocent:

here it is,



are u using the extension or component?

spreadsheet component of kodular.

I think Now you understand @Mouhurtik_Ray because brother @ImranTariq done it before me.
So no need of my method now.:+1: