How to make an Online To-do list?

I am creating an online to-do list app where admins can assign a to-do list to teachers and when they complete it they need to submit it and within 10 minutes of submission the to-do list should be deleted from the server. And i want the admin can see the teachers who have not completed the to-do list. I am using firebase as my server.
I have succesfully made creating a new checklist
This is my code:

This is for getting how many to-do list are currently assigned to teacher
blocks (41)

This is for uploading the new to-do list

My firebase image

Is this a guide then please change to #guides because discuss is when you have to ask something

no this is not a guide i want to know how can i achieve this

Then what is this ?

This is just for uploading a new to-do list, i don’t know how teachers can submit their to-do list and if submitted within 10 mins it will get deleted from the server