How to make an update notification?

Hi, the question is, I’m making my first application, I came across such a question, since my application is still raw, I would like to let users receive a notification about the new version when a new version of the application is released, I know that this can be done using the play market, but it’s too early, is there any way to implement the application update?

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You can use Onesignal Push Notifications, for example

and still have options?

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Look at that. What kind of options?

I thought, as an option, but I need something else, I have an idea, but I need the application to read a text document from ftp, can this be implemented?

yes you can do it using notification or firebase(or airtable) and notifier
create new tag in firebase with values as app version and download link or more things.
On screen initialize check if there is internet connection then call firebase to get this tag.
After getting this tag using device utilites if current version of app is not equal to value then show custom notifier with download button and dwonload when clicked using download component.

this is similar to what I want to do, could you provide blocks as an example, I’m just learning

You will first try yourself na. then we will help you…

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Yes @11120
Come on! Try it! :smile: :muscle:


Tell me how to create a tag with a value? Here is my example

This is new project or existing that you are using in this app

New, until now have not used FireDatbase

It seems to be configured correctly, when I start the application it displays that there is a new version of the application, but this notification appears when the versions match and do not match, it seems to me that I’m not creating the tag correctly

So what database you are using
First i recommend you please learn about firebase db i explain and help but you need to know basics about that so i said then you can do
There is youtube video available and tomorrow i will make aia for you.

You need to use got value event.
Use if then block.
If value = screen 1.version code
Then show notifier

here is an example of my blocks

RealTime Databae - I use this option

I figured out the database, everything works, thanks for the solution options, it helped a lot!

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That’s a good thing

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