How to make any arrangement pure circle

how to make any arrangement pure circular

you can design button and arrangement

cant set the block to make arrangement circular

Try using a card view with high corner radius


i tried but not satisfied

how to set the blocks to make arrangement circular

Show exactly what you want.

The answer from @Chocoduba_BR doesn’t it work?
Why ?
Card View are round.

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which color codes are using in this extension cant change the color

i want to use transparent color i think it doesnt work here

No it cannot be a transparent color

then its not usefull for me

Show what You Want.

yes exactly

yes ,how can i do this?

This one I did, because a community user saw this screen in dribbble and He wanted to do the same. I did and showed that it was possible. The Component above are CardViews and Arrangement with the extension :

i have tried this extension not useful for me
cant use transparent color in this extension

The round and transparent components are CardViews.