How to make choose multiple language in full app

I want help that i want to make a choose launguage app when user click on any launguage it change to that selected launguage but i have try it was not happening in full app it only appears in some component only like label but i want to change launguge in full app like it call from airtble or firebase or google sheets so it call it changes the launguage to selected launguage can anyone help me ???

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yes you can when you are getting data from the database translate it and then show

but how to do that when i select particular launguge in app it change to all that launguage

use translator

i have used atom translator but it doesn;t translate whole app that the problem dear

This may help


yaa i have seen it but it doesn;t help me to translate whole app

please anyone tell me

What things have you not been able to translate using this method?

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A month ago I started making exactly what you need! I decided to make an Auto-Translator which works with Yandex. You can use that. I’ll attach the .AIA file in a while, I need to make some last minute changes.

but i dont want yandx and this year yandex has started a a paid plan it doesn’t give a free plan of api of that why i am not using yandex

use google translate