How to make clickable ViewFlipper by using viewPager in Kodular (without extension)

 Hello friends, In this guide, I will show you how to create a clickable flipper in less than 2 minutes.

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We need to drag and drop these components:-

1. View pager

2. Any arrangement (number = no of slides).

3. Clock

Creating Flipper

First of all, we need to add components in the view pager after that, made show tabs to invisible.

Then we need to set images of arrangements and made them clickable.

We use the clock to rotate it like a flipper. See the image for more clarity.

Note:- This block is useless for us. So, never try to find the position of view flipper by using this as the clock changes the position every second.

We change arrangements into clickable before. So we can easily do anything when it got clicked. Example:-


ViewPager and ViewFlipper are two different things.

I know but I use viewPager and made it like a viewFlipper. Because there is no option to make a viewFlipper clickable.

It is possible.
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