How to make Emoji textbox?

Hi makers,

I want to make chat app. Is there any way to make textbox with Emoji icons? Or can I dedicate it?

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You can make the code so that anything except emojis will get removed from the textbox automatically. If a character isn’t an emoji, just replace with “”.

I can’t imagine an easy way to do so.
I guess you can create codes for emoji like [love] and after the user send the message the app replay the term between for a picture

But show the emoji while the user is typing I don’t know

OK. How do I know Emojis and Its shortcuts.

For example: “^_^” = :blush:

And how to do this? Can anyone explain that?
Is there reference for those shortcuts?

Google is your friend for that.
But I don’t understand, users can directly enter their emojis with the keyboard !

However if you want to create a code to convert characters into emojis, it’s not that difficult.

Please tell me how can I create code to convert characters to Emojis?

You can maybe use the replace all text block

Something like that


How did you enter this emoji into text block ?

Just searched on google all emoticons available…

You can doit using Javascript HTML and a library called
but for that you need to make your project with a webview and work with Javascript Code…

in other words I give the recipe you build the sauce …
It’s not easy, but if you know how to program in HTML and Javascript, you’ll do it

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