How to make extension after Appybuilder server offline

Can Anybody tell me how to create extension after Appybuilder server offline


Next time use search :mag:

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Same Problem Here


See This How to make extension on rush (.aix) - YouTube

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Wow!! I was amazed to watch the video as it was made by approximately 12 or 14 year kid…

Well-done and thanks for sharing it

Me too learnt how to use the rush. It seems as easy as to use.

that is me only

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if you want to install my applications go and search pub:BBL Group on play store

Congratulation dear…

BTW, what i am doing wrong?

in which windows you are

and open this in powershell not in powershell X86
if this also didn’t work try url in cmd

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windows 7


neither too works

I have noluck it seems

try git


(OMG! this is new to me… How much thing you know, Quit amazing)

Well, it is all in the README in AppInventor sources. You would have to configure Git GUI and Git Bash. If it’s not there, it is somewhere in the AppInventor community (O installed it somehow).

If I’m not wrong, you are also a user in AppInventor community. You can always try software from the Open source development category, a lot of goodies.

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think this works

in powershell you had written wrong url

iwr -useb | iex

you had missed iwr