How to make facebook ad show

(Crafts Time) #1

i want to put Facebook ads but it not show in app and i check in facebook business it show ads is running?
any one can tell me how to make it show.

(David Ningthoujam) #2

Please show us your blocks

(Crafts Time) #3

(Chetan Singh) #4


Just use to call load ad it will automatically shows when it loaded.
If it doesn’t load then make sure you have entered right placement Id.

(Somnath Banik) #5

sir r you sure that if i will use this blocks then my facebook banner ads is showing? cause i am facing same problem.

(Chetan Singh) #6

Bcz banner ads are automated they do not need to show ad component

(Somnath Banik) #7

thank you sir… will work every andriod phone or only oreo version? ?

(Chetan Singh) #8

There’s a minimum sdk 4.1

(Crafts Time) #9

it still not show!!