How to make hex color for gradient?

I want to make gradient color but it wont work, i know the Extension PaletteColor, but the forum is close so i cannot download… Please help…

Try to use color utilities, also note that orientation can take values from 1 to 8

Ok let me try, wait a sec…

Thank you so much, it’s work

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I just discover that i have previously set the color for this layout, thats why it won’t work in the gradient.

Once i set color to none in this layout, the gradient color work back.

I have one thing to ask, can I make an array to choose the color like in the image below:-

Because now it show me the error, thats why…

Thank you :smile: (Hundred and hundred thanks a lot)

Here my block with three type method:-

And thanks for @dora_paz help

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Thanks for providing this method, it may be useful for some people.

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