How to make highlights text

I wanted to create the highlights text just like

thier have any extension for this. if yes then please suggest.
What i tried?
I tried to create this with label tool extension. and here is my block
If here i get the block of event like postion of that highlights part then its easy but this extension not had that block

From where did you get this extension,
And to your solution instead of label you can use a textbox, just set these properties

set highlight color to whatever you want,
Uncheck cursor visible property
Set background color to none
Set multine property to true
Set read only property to true

And if you want to make a popup like to select color you can use animation utilities component

Thanks for reply. but, user will select part and that part will be highlighted, when user back and come again then user can see that highlight.Just like when you read the book and you highlight something.

Ohk then this won’t work because textbox doesn’t show any specific highlighted text

Ok,Thank you. but if we got solution on it. then its also helpful to others. those are making the e-book app or pdf reading app.

I found something useful

You can use taifun’s extension for this… Just you need to know the position of the highlighted text and store it in tinydb, when screen initialize get value and put in taifun’s extension to highlight particular text


Yes, i am also searching for this. Thanks

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