How to make multy select spinner?

Hello… how to make multiple select drop down ???

how to implament in block?

:sweat_smile: So you want a multiselect drop down, not a multiplier !

ya i want multiselect drop down

You can’t achieve that with the spinner component.You will need to use the notifer component.It have this block which allow yoy to select multiple options

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but notifier’s checkbox option get only number not value

Nope.You just need to try it.You can add,numbers,words , symbols and any thing you want :wink:See here: Notifier - Kodular Docs And BTW, use this block to get the user selcections ( as a list because it’s multiple choice )
Notifier - Kodular Docs
BTW, @Umesh_Kahar does this way work? :thinking:

i do but output was in number like this (1 2 3) of list, but not list value…

Yes it retruns the index of the items.And not the items it self.You will need to use select list item bloc to get the item from the item list :wink:

Can you tell how to get items from the list.