How to make my app look good on all mobile devices

My application only allows it to have the orientation in portrait.

When testing it on various mobiles I realized that some components do not accommodate well with respect to the size of the screen. I use as much as I can with “%” percentages and this problem is still not solved.

Is there a solution so that the size of the mobile screen where the application is seen to adapt to that screen?

Try this


Hello, thanks for answering.

Are you telling me that by adding this extension to each screen of my application, all the components will adapt to the dimensions of all the mobiles that install it?

Have seen the guide Just try this?

If I have read it completely, since that was one of the options that I want to try, but I don’t know how true it is and what I see is that the components of the application are arranged vertically and when the phone is laid down then they are rearranged, but I don’t know if it will work with mine since my application is only in the vertical orientation.

There is another problem and it is that according to the creator of the extension, I have to dedicate a block to each component that I want to be responsive and how do I do if I already have my app with many components in the different windows?

It would take me a long time and in the loading part, because they have to load all those blocks every time I start the window to be able to see the components adapted to the screen of the used device.

Yes it’s make responsive each component I used in my 2 application …
Working fine but little problems
Like if you want your app work fully responsive then make sure you set all components height and weight with this extrusion ( make a procedure )
2nd it’s not take too much time.

And make sure I feel that this extension not work with -1 value so don’t used this .

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I thought that for the application to look good on all devices you only had to use percentages.

So sad.

The values ​​of the components used as an example by the creator of the extension are in pixels.

How do I do if the values ​​I use are the majority in percentages?

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In my opinion and from what I see in my application, the problem is the values ​​that do not have percentages, such as labels or even buttons.

I clarify the buttons if they let us put percentages, only that in some I do not use them if not the -1 property that kodular provides.

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This extension is a bit similar to the previous one that they shared in this post, but it does save blocks (although with the other one as well, using procedures).

But it does not change the fact that this “responsive” property must be set to each component separately, but not to a window in general or to the application as such.

wow does this page really work?

Yes ofcourse
It’s your solution ?

Do you think that passing all the dimensions from pixels to percentages will work?

I don’t know
Did you try ?

but how would you do for the text? I can’t put sizes in percentages for labels.

In my experience they have worked for me, the problem is the components that are not allowed percentages as size.

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