How to make numbers go forward, examples from number 1 run to number 10 and so on

can someone help me how to make the number run from 0 to 10 and so on?

Meaning …? Cna you elaborate more

this app is a kind of miner, when users log in then they will find advanced numbers

like countdown

Countown can easily achieved with clock component for example


this is an example, I want the number label to continue forward from 0 to 999 and so on, I hope you understand what I mean


genius thank you you saved me for school tomorrow :pray::pray::pray::confounded::heart_eyes:

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there is another problem that arises, how so that when the number has reached 99 he will repeat from 0

well, it is your homework…
what about start doing something yourself?
protip: use an if statement


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haha tai ok

stopwatch tutorial firebase please

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I have a little confusion here, when label1 has reached 60 then it will repeat from 0, like a stopwatch

If you wish to make a timer coun down or count up you can also use this approach

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