I have a question about the timer

Hello, I am asking for help.
I’m making a timer. 03:00 ~02:59… 02:58… I want the counter to proceed like this. It is the same method as in the video if it is done with the currently attached block. Please tell me how to solve it. thank you.

Using Time format - Millis to [HH:mm:ss] - [days + HH:mm:ss] - [HH:mm] - [mm:ss] etc extension


Thanks for the reply. I’ll try.

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Thanks for your help. take care of yourself

It works just the way I want it. thank you. I wish you good luck ^^

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I’m curious about one more thing. How can I add in the block above to change the color at 00:30?

Simply add set background color using if … then …else statement. Also don’t forget to mark solution :white_check_mark: if problem solved


Thank you very much for your help. Can you make it blink? ^^

And how do I reset it to 03:00?

Close screen with start value. Open screen, set global time to 0, when screen initialize set global time to get start value

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You should use Do it on start value to debug your blocks and see what is send to Screen10 as start value

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Thank you for your reply. But I haven’t solved it yet.^^
What I want is that the value entered on screen 1 applies to the label on screen 2.

For example, screen 2 has 03:00. I’d like to know how to change this time to 05:00 on screen 1 and then to 05:00 on screen 2.

Okay, got it.

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I’m really sorry, but I’d appreciate it if you could explain in blocks.

You can use these blocks -


I leave the rest to you.


thank you for the reply. I used the block as attached, but it doesn’t work. The block I used was like this:
How to edit blocks


When next screen initialize add this blocks

An error occurs. I am attaching the aia file, please fix it~^^
Basketball_1(1).aia (674.9 KB)

…and the error is … ?