Two timer questions on one screen

Hello, I made two timers work on one screen. However, one timer starts late. I couldn’t find a solution. I ask for your help. Or I’d appreciate it if you could give me a link to find the same answer. I’m uploading blocks and videos here.

Seems that timer interval is not same for both it seems

Yes, that’s right. I want to solve this, can you tell me how to solve it?

I think there’s always going to be a little delay in between both timers due to the few milliseconds it takes from starting the first to starting the second one.
How about using one timer and only use a variable increment +1 to show the number in the black circle?

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Clocks start in always fire = true ? You can try to set always fire to true inside click button blocks and start them to false.

Thank you for giving me a white spot as a block

Sorry, I don’t know what you mean with that.

Can you tell me how to block coding?

With one timer:

With two timers (same result, no delay):

Thanks for the block coding. But the answer I want is two different timers.
Timer 1 displays only minutes and Timer 2 only needs to display two-digit seconds. If Timer 1 is set to 12 minutes, it is negative, such as 12:00~11:59~11:58~, and when 12 minutes has elapsed, it is displayed as 00:00. If you set timer 2 to 12 seconds, it counts from 0 to 12, and when it reaches 12, it is reset to 0 again. I’m still learning, so it’s difficult. Thank you very much for your reply. Can you tell me how?
I tried to apply it, but I can’t. Aia file is attached. Thank you very much for your correction
Basketball_2.aia (625.5 KB)