Countdown is stop after opening another screen

i need a help my my countdown is stop after opening another screen can anyone please help me out with this

Anything that’s going on in the screen where the timer is, stops when you move to a diffrent one. My solution to this might be a litle impractical, but you could try adding timer elements to the diffrent screens and pass the time elapsed to continue from that point on. If you don’t need the time to continue in real time, you could perhaps save the time when the timer started and then subtract the current time from it thus receiving the time elapsed.

Show your blocks

this is my block part i set time to 2 min after button click user go on another screen but my countdown must go on and button can visible again but after go on another screen and come back countdown didn’t work can you help me with this.

Set timer always fires to false


Its Not working

delete timer always fires and set as unchecked in designer

I did but its not working yet

in the place of global min use another variable

I did that too but its not working

If this is your problem, send the timer value to another screen along with the status of timer on or off. If it is on then start the timer from the get start value

can you please tell me how can i do this

Try this:
countdownOn2Screens.apk (5.2 MB)

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That’s great can you please share the block part of this it would be very helpful



Thanks for the help its working now
thank you so much

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