Main Screen Opening again and again after setting timer on first screen

hello devs,
as many of you are helpful , it makes non coder like me to create apps for fun.
here is my problem.
i use first screen as splash screen to my app .
after opening app first screen automatically go to main screen of which i set clock on.
here i provided blocks of the same under this post.
i think i have added repeated blocks somewhere. but , unable to find.
any help is appreciated.
thank you.

first screen have only this things
Screenshot 2024-03-07 184640

this are my main screen blocks. ( on to which it diverts )

Since you use a clock you have to set it to false when opening a new screen

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Here I have given two options. You can use any one






i use this and it works.
but heartly thanks to all who spend their time helping me.
Screenshot 2024-03-07 200656

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