I have Problem On My Code (disabled box To 12 Hours )

This My Block

On Companion Has No error
But On Mobile I have This Error

make sure your tinydb with that particular tag have any value

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You Mean Duplicate Value

your error says, empty string cannot be subtract.

just add zero here. you wont get error


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Thanks Tooo Much It’s Working
But If I Need Make Label Count Down

This My Block I Use Extension TFormt

Any Suggestion To Do This “Counter” To End Time

add this totla block into a local variable

then add one if then else block
if get local variable is not equal to 00:00:00
then set label text to get local variable data
else call notifier to alert - timer over

i mean like this


Stable Counter Is Not Going Down

What not going down?? Did you add the blocks in when clock timers?

The simple logic is, when user click button add 12 hrs(in miikies with current time) and save the final time in tinydb also set the clock to timer

When clock timers
Call this extension to find the difference between current time amd tinydb time. Very simple. Use the same logic if the tinydb have time get ater than zero

Once the timer says 00:00:00 set clock timer always to false. And save timydb time to zero.

That’s all

can you send Example PLz

Like this?

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this Apk Type I Need Aia Type

Thanks Tooo Much It’s Working

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