How to set a timer for 30s

i want to set the timer to 30s, when i clicked the button everything are working fine except the time is 01:30s instead of 30s and the label is freeze at -1800 as showing below

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did you check your previous query? how to use clock component - #2 by Still-learning did you try that?

here i find you have used the logic in wrongplace…

that above code should go into the false (i mean else block) logic


still got the same problem

What problem? Can you share your demo aia?

the timer is frozen at -1800 and it supposed to be 01:30s,sure
Parks_copy.aia (252.6 KB)

In which screen do you have that problematic code?

You can simply use countdown timer extension. Downloaded from this app :

If you want just 30s interval of time, then try this
You can achieve this without any exten
You can change the interval time in the button click event by adjusting the seconds value. It doesnot depend on any timezone

Parks_copy_1.aia (253.3 KB)

thank you so much :sob::sob::sob::heart::heart::heart:
it seems that i changed the timer interval of the clock to 90000 instead of 1000

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