How to make online shopping app available to accept orders only in shop opening hours?

Hello, hope you all are doing well.
I generally don’t ask question before trying multiple times and searching it in forum.
But this time i got stuck and i was unable to find solution.
My question is I am creating online shopping app all work is completed but i m trying again and again “how to make app available to accept orders only specific time?”
i.e If shop time is from 07:30 AM to 10:30 PM, then only in between this duration users can place orders. Otherwise users should get the shop closed message.
Here is what I tried:

Please help me.

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Try to set the string the same
For example: hh:mm:ss (22:30:00)

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tried but no results.

change to this block, should work, remember that the a on the time format is for time format with AM/PM


Thanks @Chocoduba_BR my friend. It worked. Thanks a lot.

or without an extension:


I see you have your solution but just want to point out the problem with using instance to verify time before allowing a feature or use-case is that when user changes the time on their device, they can deceive your app and still place order in the app.

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I would recommend using DateTools extension to use UTC time so no one can finesse around the security even while using VPN and changing their time zone.

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