How to make phone call only number from the list view where name and number are in the same place?

Names and numbers are kept in the list view. In such a state, how to combine the blocks to dial the number? When I call in such a situation, that name also becomes the number in the dial, I am having a lot of trouble in it, please help me.

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Phone calls only support digits numbers…
Save only numbers in list…
Otherwise you can use split block component or replacemnt all text component to remove the extra words…
You can use text utils extension to fetch only numbers from a string(text)… May b its working but not confrom

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I want to make an app like a phone diary. How to work for Tess ??
For example
Gautam 456985236
AYUSH 56832654
Jack 98653258

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Wait i’'ll show you with blocks…

Ok I am waiting

After split… You have 2 item in number select variable…
1st item Name
2nd item number

Now I will try

If you found solution… Then mark comment as solution… Thanks

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It didn’t work
That I don’t know how to get along well ??

Would be grateful if you could provide aia file if possible

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Show me your blocks

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This is not working because in the list the name is before the number so the application is trying to call for eg. Gautam not his no. i.e. 827892873 so, the format should be like this -
Also see this for reference -


Hope it helped!

The problem is that between name and phone you do not have only one space and your are splitting text at one space so if you have 3 spaces between the result would be

(name *empty-string* *empty-string* phonenumber)

and the phone number is 4th position not second in your list

See my example , first item in list has 3 spaces between name and phone , second and third only one

So all you have to change is spaces between names and phones to one space