How to make poll in my app

how can i create a poll in app

i read this thread - Poll aia purchase

is somebody know to create it or someone create a extension for it ??

What do you want: UI or function?

i didn’t understand

poll example as image or aia or you can explain me how to do it i know koding very well

I mean, do you want a layout for the poll UI, or you want codes that create poll system?

You can use a site like firebase realtime database to store the users choice.

@Shreyaa You should search the community first because there is a solution
Here is how to make design

Here is Logic to show result or total progress or how much % of vote

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thank you i search that time and i only get this thread - Poll aia purchase - Marketplace / Request - Kodular Community and after sometime i get internal server error when ever search about this

anyways thanks

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by mistake i mark wrong answer sorry

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