Poll aia purchase

I need an a poll survey app, like the attached imagePOLL

if you have the aia ready DM me we talk business.

what is your price?

Why not you try to make this?

You can show her an example.

Okay i will make for her.

please do am still new to this

Wait a day maybe. I am very busy right now as i am going through different examinations.I promise you,i will make full guide for this .

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okay, i will contact you after one day , thanks in advance.

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it will need a database to sync the votes,
which one you are willing to use.

database airtable

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ok i do it ASAP When It Is Possible

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ADDYLIN when can you do it?

please mention him as @ADDYLIN

I can do this

Can I use Firebase Authentication for like login and sign up page

hey @Yashas_Jain i think you should make a topic for that why you are replying this is nothing related to Firebase Authentication

Hey @luv.ak.tech I am replying it in this because I was making this app and while sign up and sign in it is difficult to do with airtable. That is why I asked in this.

i really did not understand for that question you are replying here
this topic is for someone wants a poll aia file
Hope you understand @Yashas_Jain

@luv.ak.tech just scroll up and I know that someone wants a poll app but want database as airtable which is not possible for signing into an app so I asked


i am doing it (now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

done the ui part
remaining is the on click listners

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