How to make screen share url of any screen

How to make screen share url of any screen

use deep link

I was not able to login to

I have generated new password then I tried every then invalid username and password

So I created new account and then login same problem again

I don’t know it’s the problem of site or I am doing some wrong

Please guide me

use this

Method 2: Using Sunny Gupta’s Website

There is a website hosted and developed by vknow360 aka Sunny Gupta. Click here to head over to the website

Go to the website and follow these steps:

Step I
After heading over to the website you will find something like this where you can put two inputs, Scheme and Host . While adding your website for deeplinks, see whether it is connected over http or https. If it is https then add https in the scheme and website host in host input.
For Example:

Step II:
If you are willing to add more links then click on the + button and add as many links as possible. Then verify the captcha and download the extension.

Step III :
The value will be saved in the screen start value. Thus you can modify it according to the need. If you are adding more links then you can use if then , for example:
blocks (2)