How to make scrolling text

I want to add a smooth scrolling text effect in label how can I do tha

As well? Can you explain more?
Give examples?

unnamed My means how can I add marquee textI tried this html but not working <marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left" scrollamount="5">yor payment sended at 9:30 pm</marquee> And this <marquee> Hi everybody>

Anyone know about this? Because I want to know how to do it

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Does anybody ever use Google? You know, the worlds biggest searchengine. :sunglasses:

This was 5 seconds of work for me, so it should be for anybody else.


please tell how can do this makeroid on a label text,i saw this in appybuilder label there have a option like marquee enabled,or told how can i use appybuilder components in makeroid?

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After the Draco update, Marquee Option is now available in a Label Component Properties.

To add a Marquee effect you just have to enable the Marquee Option in Label component Properties.
Click here to download a sample AIA - Tech CVR - How to add Marquee and Text Shadow Effect In a Label Free AIA

Video Demo