How to make search option in app?

Hey guys can anyone help me I need to create an search option in my app with airtable

You can check this guide:

This guide, too, would be helpful, to know how to filter your data:

Also there is an extension for filtering lists here:


But in this post only title is shown buy my whole list is connected with airtable not only title but images subtitles so how can I do that . I was making a shopping app

You can use the Index to get other values :blush:


Please @themaayur can you tell me how ? Because I am trying this since last month and I am so frustrated with that thing please show blocks or any example if you can :hugs:

Nice :relieved:

As you will be calling data from Airtable, it will be in the list. So you can use title to search form items, and when user click use the index of the item to get others values like images, price, etc.


Really really sorry to say this again but really I don’t know how to do that cuz I am biggener please help me :slightly_frowning_face:

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So check the guides I’ve posted, to know how to do it :wink: :


Yeah @Mohamed_Tamer you are right but @themaayur shown only with title and I want it with all of the things like title subtitle image etxlc

“I am here to learn”

They gave you the way. Trying to do something is part of learning. Try first and if you have stopped with a problem, post here.


Right, first you need to learn about basic and then dynamic components and then have a look on guides in Community.

Have looks on these videos by @Kanishka_Developer


Yeah I tried it way before @themaayur posted this guide but I am constantly failing in that

You may want to check the code once more. A method you can try is the “dry run”.
It is really simple. Think of a list in your mind. Then run the code in your brain and see if it works :wink:

If you still can’t figure out, the finally way is to ask.


I was making a shopping app with dynamic components extension please help me how can I implement search option with that

Test Apk Searchbar.apk (5.1 MB)

SearchBar Aia Searchbar.aia (6.2 KB)

I think this is a perfect solution for your question , so you can mark it as solution.


Please read back
The solution is in the second POST that shows the @themaayur blocks.

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