How To Make Simple Auto Image Maker App

Is Any Idea To Make An App That Can Store And Make An Image Like This (This An Though Image)

Use canvas


Can You Please Explain Me : With A Simple Code Or With AIA File

This is a “complex” program. Start yourself and make one piece at a time. You should know how a canvas works. If you don’t know that at the moment maybe this program is to difficult for you. Start with a smaller program and learn on the way.


see yt videos

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I Think This Post Was For Learning Something That I Don’t Know

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That’s why i told you to start small and work towards your target. Ask help here when you get stuck on a part of your app. Good luck. :+1: I still learn every day and i love it. :sunglasses:


This is not much hard

I made one like that some months ago. It took only about 2 weeks

You can use the picture as a background and creat labels and buttons with the text sent by user.

If you have any problem you can ask me and I will help you if I can

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This Was A Best Idea For It, And i Tried , It’s Work But I Face Saving And Sharing Problem ,

Use this extension by @Jerin_Jacob to save the image:

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Many Thanks To All Friends And Dear Sir’s ! I Made It Successfully

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Dear show me your app eed please