How to make Social Networking App Like Facebook

How can make social network like ossn (Facebook)

You want to make something like Facebook??? Well it’s made on the web mostly not apps (It’s possible via apps too) you can easily make something like Facebook nowadays and then just show that in your app with webview.

But i cant find any host for this.

I think this can help you. You can use any Normal Hosting using Cpanel that supports WordPress

I will try this tommorrow

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If you would really like to create a social media app then i would like to help you

If you want facebook like website then you have to -
-buy a hosting free or paid ( paid recommended )
-buy a domain name ( try this - )
go to cpanel and open can see a lot of site types.
now you have to choose social networking.
Now you are ready to launch.
If you want to know deeply then reply.I will make a tutorial for you.

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I installed HumHub but HumHub register function not working.

Hai Bro This is not a community for Web Development.

You dont read the topic.

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Change the title to How to make Social Networking App Like Facebook

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Most probably, this might help you

You would need a to purchase the premium plan of cloudinary, as in free version, you app can handle only 25 GB of Data. And if you really want to create such a big network, then obviously you need a big Server.

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