How to make tab system like chrome

Didn’t the link show a video with a menu with several tabs?

@Kshitij yay success
u sloved it but

how i make it clickble

nope :sweat_smile:
wat i see

what need to be clickable?

i dont get it u qouted whole post

yes u got it right it shall be related to browser tabs ui llike that also functioning


I did not understand.

i mean @Kshitij
those sites arent clickable .

@Rogerio_Rios is it possible to share the aia?
i liked his ui and more

Well few things you need to do yourself. It is not like you came asked and you got everything…
Try using get component by id block with get url block to set web view 2 url for the tab chosen

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if possible give exxxtensions

Dynamic Components?

no other one

Which one?

arrangement design

You can search on community…

cant find link pls

Well here it is

Try to search on community.

found it
on thunkable thanks

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